22 thoughts on “Jackie Robinson BioVid by Robert

  1. Robert,
    I loved how you had Jackie Robinson speak through a talk show host. Very Impressive. I did not know alot of information about Jackie Robinson, so I learned some very interesting things today. Thanks for the information. Keep up the great work,
    Mrs. M. Garza

  2. Robert,

    I love the interview of Jackie R. and how you used technology to make this project. You are an outstanding student.

  3. I knew a lot about Jackie Robinson, the professional baseball player but didn’t know about his life before that–thank you for teaching me in such an interesting way!

  4. WOW! This was a really impressive report! I learned a lot about Jackie Robinson. It was really interesting how he became a baseball player.

  5. Hello, Robert

    I agree. It would be great to see Jackie Robinson hit a home run. 🙂 It must have been hard to pick out the best parts of Jackie’s life for the interview. You did a fine job of making his life very interesting. Keep up the good work!

  6. I love this–great job! I’m a school librarian too & I think that my students would love to see this creative way to share information. Thanks to your librarian for posting this!

  7. Robert, I really enjoyed your BioVid! I am very impressed, not to mention proud of you for doing such an EXCELLENT job! 🙂

  8. Robert, I liked that you highlighted Jackie Robinson’s quote about never giving up on one’s dream. Passion is an important part of life. You did a great job creating a Voki to introduce the whole subject, then using a talk show host to bring out Jackie’s story. Thank you.

  9. Robert, I was your teacher’s teacher when she was in ninth grade. How fortunate she is to have such a talented student! Your choice of the interview format was very effective and the biographical facts you chose to share about Jackie Robinson provide some wonderful life lessons for all students, not just those interested in baseball. Keep up the good work.

  10. Robert,
    I am so impressed with your work! “Never say never to your dreams” – I love that quote by Jackie Robinson. He had such an interesting life and you used technology so well to tell his story. You clearly worked very hard and it shows! Great job!

  11. Robert,
    I love baseball! I really enjoyed watching and learning some things I did not know about Jackie Robison. You did an outstanding job and am very proud of you! Follow your DREAMS…
    Your Pre-K Teacher,
    C. Zapata

  12. Awesome Robert! Great job! Not only you are awesome in basketball but also in using technology! Keep up the great job and you will become more successful! ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and REACH YOUR GOALS!

  13. Robert, I absolutely loved the way you allowed Jackie Robinson to tell his life story through an interview. That shows real creativity on your part. Congrats!

  14. Robert, you did a wonderful job with this interview, including a lot of good information. I especially like the information about Jackie Robinson’s childhood. Great work!

  15. Wow! What a great interview! You made Jackie Robinson come to life! He’s always been a hero of mine and now I want to read this book! Thanks for doing such a good job!

  16. I loved how you used the interview as the way to tell about JR and that you included never give up on your dream. Good job!

  17. Awesome job! You really know who Jackie Robinson was! Great job making him seem like he really was there doing an interview!

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