23 thoughts on “Amelia Earhart BioVoki by Sophia

  1. Sophia,

    Wonderful work. You are doing excellent with the use of technology. I’m proud that you are a student at Centeno Elementary.

  2. Sophia,

    You made the story of Amelia Earhart come alive. Writing, and then recording, such a long report must have taken lots of work. You did a great job.

  3. Great job, Sophia. I enjoyed watching your BioVoki. It had a lot of interesting information.

    Mrs. Lorbert, Librarian @
    East Woods School
    Oyster Bay, NY

  4. Sophia, of course I’m familiar with Amelia Earhart but your report integrating your research with some tech tools like Voki made her story seem fresh again. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi, Sophia! I was your teacher’s teacher when she was in 9th grade. I love the way you blended lots of facts with an interesting first person presentation using Voki! Keep up the good work.

  6. Sophia,
    I felt like I was listening to Amelia Earhart as you spoke! Great job, you clearly worked very hard on this project and I am impressed!

  7. Sophie,
    I am sooooo proud of you! You are so creative and I just love how you are able to express yourself…Keep up the “AWESOME” work!
    Your Pre-K Teacher,
    C. Zapata

  8. Awesome job Sophia! Awesome and talented! Keep it up and someday you will become rich and famous! GREAT JOB! Remember NEVER give up and REACH you goals!

  9. This was great! I am going to share it with the middle schoolers at my school. I did not know that Amelia Earhart was in medical school. Thanks for enlightening me on a noteworthy heroin.

  10. Sophia,
    Wonderful Job with this presentation. You are as amazing as Ms. Amelia. Keep up the excellent work. It is always wonderful to see students work at their most amazing. Thanks Sophia for the knowledge. Maybe you can teach me one day to do amazing presentations like yours. Mrs. M. Garza

  11. Sophia, wonderful job! I hope you had much fun with this project-it seems as though you did. Your presentation is amazing, and your script was very effective. Keep up the good work!

  12. What a great job! Your Amelia looks just like the real one. I’m going to get this book right now and read it. You made me want to do that!

  13. I did not know that she quit medical school! This is one mystery that intrigues millions! Good job!

  14. Wow! You really know Amelia Earhart! Your voki looks just the way I imagined her and you did a wonderful job telling her story.

  15. Ashley Trujillo says :Great job on the biovid ! I wish I was doing that biovid!

  16. I’m very proud of you always, and this is only the beginning of great things coming from you. We love you very much.

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